On the Bright Side….

22 Sep

To balance out the complaining I would like to add that my boobs look incredible. Thanks pregnancy! 🙂



22 Sep

OMG, I hate morning sickness.

And seriously, whoever decided to call it “morning” sickness is no friend of mine. This shit lasts practically all day.

I have read it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, so I should be thankful. (Did I really just type that I should be thankful for feeling like I have a flu that lasts a month?).

Sparkling lemon water has seemed to help, and I also ordered an acupressure band that I have heard great things about. But I am totally open to more suggestions. So ladies, please share your miracle cures in the comments section.

I hope you all are well!


Oh and one more thing…

20 Sep

I have decided to not share this blog with Kacy. I think she should start her own WordPress Blog and you all should follow her.
She is just too good of a writer for my silly little blog. It’s intimidating. And I don’t need any more excuses to not write.

If you need your Kacy fix, check out her most recent article on Lady Gaga:
Boccumini: F*ckin’ Gaga. Who Does She Think She Is?

Kacy, I love you so much. You are such a talented writer. So eloquent and well spoken.  I am sorry you had to find out this way.  🙂 XOXO


Fresh Start…take 3

20 Sep

Ok, so I spent a little time getting to know WordPress and as you can see I have figured a few things out…like my new theme, yey! Which I didn’t have to pay for! Double yey!

So I am going to try this again….for the third time…I have issues, I know.
I am really good at getting super excited about something and then procrastinating because it’s not quite perfect, I am not instantly the best, or there is too much good TV on.
It’s like when I decide it is time I get off my butt and go to the gym, but can’t go until I buy a new gym wardrobe. So I, of course, spend the next few days/weeks searching for the perfect shoes and outfits for my new lifestyle and by the time my closet is full of super cute yoga pants and Nikes I have decided my time would be better spent learning to make my own clothes so i never have to shop again. I then go purchase a sewing machine and insane amounts of fabric and attempt a pair of pajama pants so great they would definitely secure my spot on Project Runway and soon Heidi would be giving me congratulatory air kisses as Christian Siriano asked me for pointers. But I of course first throw out the pattern. Because I don’t need a pattern. Patterns are for no talent hacks. So obviously the pants are a disaster and realize my true calling is the guitar….you get the point. My life is like the book If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, but with absolutely no follow through.
So, I put off blogging because I couldn’t figure out how to add a picture to it…and that’s stupid. So I am going to, for the first time ever, attempt to actually stick with something. No matter what. Given my past this is unlikely, but I have come back to the blog twice now…that’s got to mean something, right? So here we go…again…


PS I give you permission to punch me in the arm if I am MIA for too long 🙂


20 Sep

I miss blogging, but i am frustrated with WordPress, Tumblr wasn’t what I thought it was, and I don’t think I can try another site…can I?

Is it too much to ask for a place to blog that is simple and intuitive? That does what it says it will? That I can easily update the appearance without spending money?

Can anyone offer any WordPress 101? I tried adding pictures to my blog and I think that I do it, but they never show up. I see so many cute blog styles, but cannot figure out how to cute-ify mine. I know it shouldnt be this difficult….

Ugh. I just want to blog and now refuse to do it out of spite. Yes, i am pregnant….and cranky, and nauseous, and tired. (and clearly extremely whiney) Help?? Please???

Maybe Moving!

8 Sep

Hi Everyone!

 I decided to give Tumblr a try, so i may be moving to that site…i am trying it out for a bit before i commit 🙂

If you want to follow us there we are:
Cori: PerpetualSparkle.Tumblr.com
Kacy: KacyIsReal.Tumblr.com


The Morning After

3 Sep

The other morning Cori and I woke up to our usual routine.  We scooped up Jonesy cat, lying on top of us, and gave him some morning love.  I fed him breakfast while Cori brushed her teeth.  I snuck a peek at her in the shower – because I still get excited when I look at her.  She got dressed to my despair, we kissed, held each other, and we drove to work.
The day was very typical – we were waiting for 2 weeks to be up.  We were marking time on the walls of our minds, wondering what it would feel like to see that test result, looking longingly upon the faces of other people’s children – yearning to see Cori’s eyes, a gesture, a familiarity.  When would it be our turn?  What would it feel like?
Cori and I went to sleep that night, like any other night.  We kissed, spooned and closed our eyes.  What I didn’t know was that that night, that last lingering look upon my world, would be the last night of that life.
“Baby, wake up!”  Cori jumped onto the bed, half on top of me, and rolled me over.  Her Hazel eyes were shinning, bright and open.  “Baby – look.”  She handed me a long white stick, and as my tired eyes focused, I saw not one, but two distinct lines forming on the test.  Cori turned her head, looking at me half-telling me, half searching for reassurance:  “We’re pregnant.”
I have only ever been conscious of my heart beating one other time in my life – it was the first time Cori kissed me.  I held that test in my hand, glancing back and forth between that test and my wife’s eyes… and we both began to cry.  I took her in my arms and we embraced this new day.  “You did it,” I said to her quietly.  She pulled back from the hug, held my face in her hands, and touched her forehead to mine.  “No baby, we did it”. 
One year from today, I will have a 3-month-old baby.  Two weeks from today, I will see a heartbeat on a sonogram – I will see my kid’s heart beating.  And for the rest of my life, I will feel this immense amount of love for my family:  my incredible wife Cori, who I will love until the day my own heart stops beating, and even after that.  And my baby, who is already adored, prayed for, loved, loved, loved, as he or she or they grow inside my wife’s womb. 
I am so happy to share this moment with you all.  I am so happy to confirm that all of our shared wishes, hopes, and dreams have come true.  In most films, gays and lesbians meet terrible ends.  We die; we are lost, left, or forgotten.  Not in this story.  We have a happy ending, or rather; we have a happy beginning of a new chapter.  Our love is real love – we are stories of our own – and we are all listening.
Thank you for all of your love and support – it has cushioned the fall of our angel from heaven and into our arms.
And keep sharing your stories with us, and we will keep praying and sending love in hopes that it will be the light that guides your angel down to you. 
Love always,
Kacy, Cori, Jonesy, and our future Bambino