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What I Do While Cori Sleeps (Guest Blog by Kacy)

26 Oct

So I bet you’re wondering where Cori has been all this time?  I can tell you.  At exactly 10PM this evening, Cori went to sleep.  Why so early, most of you will say?  I will reply, that is actually about 2 hours late for her.  Who knew that pregnant women were so tired?
I miss my wife so much.  I should say… I miss seeing her vertically.  I see her eyelids.  I see her fingers curled around the blanket.  I hear her soft little sighs.  But I miss talking to her.  I miss sitting on the couch watching TV, discussing what’s happening.  I miss kissing, and hugging, and sharing a meal and our daily stories.  I love my baby, but it I seriously capitalizing on my time with my wife.

But enough about that…  I promised to pick up the reins of this blog while my wife sleeps it off.  So, here is the story of how we met, which is by request.  At least I have this blog and all of you to keep me company.

April 19th, 2006
Tonight was a special night.  All of my friends were in town from SF and NYC, and we were gathering at this new ladies night called “Here”, at this place called Here, in LA.
Corey (Boy), Al, Michi, and Kim were in attendance. It was my mission to find my friends people to flirt with, and perhaps take home.  I was not the kind of person who did well at the clubs.  I am an acquired taste – people don’t see me from across the club and want to take me home.

Some history:
That being said, I was also an established single person.  I was not single and dating, I was (and determined to be) alone.  A year before I met Cori, I had gone through an incredibly horrific breakup.  Unfortunately, it was the last of several very bad decisions in relationship partners.  I was always terrible at choosing the right women to date.  So… after that experience, I decided that I couldn’t be trusted to date for a while.  I took a year off from focusing on anybody else, and gave all that focus to myself.

Cut to:
So we’re standing outside on the patio, and I am checking in with my friends to make sure they are having a great time.  I notice that Kim and Corey (Boy) are having an intense discussion and looking around the room.  I inquire what they are looking at, and Corey (Boy) turns to me and says, “We’re looking for the hottest girl in the club.  We think it’s that girl over there in the burgundy hoodie.”

Now, kind ladies of the jury, I had every single intention of summoning this woman over to speak to my friends – as I stated before, I was single and was choosing to be so.  Unfortunately for my friend, and for every other woman on earth, the beautiful green eyes that met mine when peering across the room to see “the hottest girl in the club” belonged to Cori.

It was like getting hit with a bat to your stomach… but in the best way possible.  The breath went out of me.  I couldn’t help but smile, and neither could she.  And then, I did something that is almost unforgivable – but will give evidence as to why I never hooked up in club.  I took my index and middle finger waves motioned for Cori to move towards me.  This is usually referred to as a summons.  Awful, I know!  But, being the strong-minded, self-respecting woman she is, she agreed to meet me halfway… at a tree.  Our tree.

When people tell me they don’t believe in love at first sight, I always smile, and think of those pretty green eyes from across the room.  Then, I realize that I am subconsciously rubbing my thumb against my wedding ring.

I will have to save the rest of the story for another night.  The sleeping beauty next to me is ready to cuddle.  I have a small window of opportunity, so I have to act fast.