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Duckfaces, Zombies, Twilight…and of Course, Baby Blobs.

11 Nov

Hi, Friends! As usual it has been a while. You should be used to the routine by now…I promise to blog more…and then don’t. But here you are, reading anyway…sucker! Just kidding-ish.

Since the last time I wrote, whenever that was, I am sure a lot has happened…I just don’t remember.  So I am going to scroll through the pictures in my phone to hopefully jog my memory…and also, if I add pictures they make the post look longer and I can write less. Laziness. Welcome to it.

First stop, my 30th birthday.
All I wanted (all I ever want) is to get away and lay in or by a pool that is not my own, with a good book (usually twilight…again) for days at a time. So for my birthday that is what I got. And it was fantastic.
My wife, our bestest friend Laura, my sister-in-law Niky and my mother-in-law Julee (who shares my birthday) rented a house in Palm Springs for the weekend. Me, the people I love, a pool and Twilight. What more could a 13 year old girl ask for?

On the ride up, we worked on our duck faces. Kacy’s needs work.



Lau gets a work call….booooooo.

We squish her head.

After we arrive, I force feed Kacy some meat. She enjoys it.

At some point we eat a delicious dinner, but of course take time to pose for a picture.

And then on to cake.  They know me so well.

Next is Kacy’s birthday. All she wants is a creepy tour around Hollywood that shows you where famous people died. It actually ended up being super fun and luckily not as scary as I expected. You should totally take the tour if you get a chance.
Here’s some of the group with our tour guide, Brian.

Here is my favorite part of the tour. The balcony at the end of Pretty Woman.

On the way home Lau finds a picture of Kacy from high school…
Captain of her High School basketball team, ponytail, bangs. If only I knew her back then… I think Lau feels the same.

Then we head home to change for Niky & Matt’s Halloween party.
Pretty sure the bulge in my stomach is from eating half of a Twilight birthday cake, but let’s just call it a baby bump.

Kacy (Mayhem), Lau (Sue Sylvester), Me (SunDrop)
If you are confused by our costumes please watch these.


Kacy still can’t get that duck face right.

Some of you may recognize…

Next, we attended the Power Up Premiere Gala. Power Up is head by one of our favorite lesbian power couples as well as our friends, Stacy Codikow and Lisa Thrasher.  They run an incredible non-profit organization and film production company. Aside from all of the good they do for the community, they are just rad people.Here’s us all fancy pants.

Ah, and now we get to my favorite picture. The munchkin! Last week we had another ultrasound; this one was the first part of two tests that check for abnormalities in the baby. Everything looks good, Baby Boccumini is very low risk and healthy!

Here’s the little nugget at 13 weeks and 3 days.  That little tummy is just so cute! Ok, I know to everyone but me and Kacy it probably just looks like a couple of blobs…but I don’t care what you think, our baby is perfect and beautiful.

And that is the end of our journey through pictures. The G rated pictures, at least…

I will post some true baby bump pictures soon. I am going maternity clothes shopping this weekend and look forward to taking a picture that I actually look pregnant in and not just like an adult in children’s clothes…yeah, I’ve gained a bit of weight and not just in the tummy….


Ok, I lied. I will leave you with one last picture. This is what I have been doing instead of blogging.

Zombie Farm.

Ok. Bye.


A Lunch-Break Miracle

28 Sep

So, unlike I promised, it’s been a while since my last post. I have been in a 24/7 state of nauseousness. It takes every last bit of my super special brain powers to concentrate on not throwing up. This, unfortunately, means I could not lose focus and write a post. I figured you would rather have no post, than one covered in vomit. Right?

So my “morning” sickness is a mild nauseousness that is forever. The only time I am not mildly nauseous is when I am seriously, majorly, violently vomiting. This is our little sweet pea’s way of reminding me who is in charge. Not me.

Well, today the baby gods decided they would give me a few minutes of relief and I decide I would spend them with you, telling you how I got those miraculous minutes.

In the past few weeks of my neverending flu I have learned some things that work and some things that do the opposite of work.

So to help with the mild sickies, Lemon Sparkling water is pretty good. I like Arrowhead because it is one of the few that has no sodium.

 What has also helped with the mild sickies and sort of the serious sickies are the acupressure wristbands. I have the Bioband and I think it works, there is a chance that it could just be in my head…either way it’s fine by me.

 But the most bestest, number 1, favorite, serious sickie fixer winner is  Ginger Spicy Apple candies. OHMYGOSHMARRYME.

I am at work, about to get a case of the horrible, terrible, green face sickies. As I hold my head in my hands begging the little miniature munchkin to forgive me for the Sausage Hot Pocket I just tried to eat without him noticing (or her, but my gut says “him”) I see a piece of the candy peeking out of my purse, sparkling in the sunshine. Kacy gave me these candies because someone said Ginger might help. I hate Ginger. No, I HATE Ginger. So it was not on my list of things to put in my mouth while on the verge of death. But, I kept one in my purse because I have everything else in there, so why not? (and I also knew it would make Kacy really happy) So as I prepare for my run to the bathroom I decide to try it first. I am desperate. The bathroom is very public, and unlike all of you, the people I work with do NOT know I got myself knocked up. I try to avoid giving them any hints at all costs. I put the candy in my mouth as I hold my nose. I hold my nose because that is what people do on Fear Factor when they have to eat milkshakes made of spiders, and that is what I compare this to. And it’s not that bad, the spicy apple part takes away from the ginger part and is so spicy that it distracts me from being nauseous. Then as I finish the chewy candy I realize I am cured. Like, 100%, not even mildly sick, perfectness. I just experienced a miracle.

So if you are suffering like I have been, please try these miracle candies. You will thank me later. I will be buying them in bulk for the weeks ahead.

That’s all I’ve got…


PS For the next time I experience a miracle and actually write a post, pretty please let me know if there is anything in particular ya’ll want me to write about. I am super not creative.

XO again.

On the Bright Side….

22 Sep

To balance out the complaining I would like to add that my boobs look incredible. Thanks pregnancy! 🙂


22 Sep

OMG, I hate morning sickness.

And seriously, whoever decided to call it “morning” sickness is no friend of mine. This shit lasts practically all day.

I have read it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, so I should be thankful. (Did I really just type that I should be thankful for feeling like I have a flu that lasts a month?).

Sparkling lemon water has seemed to help, and I also ordered an acupressure band that I have heard great things about. But I am totally open to more suggestions. So ladies, please share your miracle cures in the comments section.

I hope you all are well!